Holacracy® replaces hierarchy by providing a structure and process for organisations to evolve

The traditional hierarchy is reaching its limits, but “flat management” alternatives lack the rigor needed to run a business effectively. Holacracy is a third-way: it brings structure and discipline to a peer-to-peer workplace. Holacracy is a complete system for self-organisation.

Holacracy in the British Isles

Since 2013 Evolving Organisation has pioneered the development of Holacracy in the UK: delivering 18 introductory workshops, giving talks and launching Holacracy implementations in organisations.

In late 2016 Evolving Organisation was acquired by HolacracyOne.

Since then, Nick Osborne, the first Certified Holacracy Coach in the UK and founder of Evolving Organisation is doing his work through HolacracyOne; and with other former partners of Evolving Organisation is supporting the development of a community of interest and practice in Holacracy in the UK.

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